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Dayton radio station WHIO 1290 AM survey chart for the week of 1976-10-25. ARSA: ABOUT: SURVEYS: STATIONS: 1976-10-25 — WHIO 1290 AM ( Dayton, Ohio ) WHIO - RADIO 1290 - DAYTON, OH WHIO PLAYS FAVORITES FEATURED SINGLES WEEK OF OCTOBER 25, 1976. TW LW ARTIST TITLE WKS NOTES; 25-- Olivia Newton-John: Every Face Tells A Story:.. Search: Whio Persons In Custody. No, that's not true: there is no evidence for any of this and the claim went viral through a website run by an anonymous person using a fake identity that has No credible news sources have confirmed the story and Pope Francis was active on Twitter during the time he was said to be in custody For the purposes of adoption of children, a "child" is defined under.

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